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Rapid kit

VDRG®FMDV type A Ag Rapid kit


Detection of FMDV SP type A Ag


Fluids from unruptured vesicles / aphthae and vesicular epithelium from ruptured lesions


Rapid FMD type A Ag test device
Disposable droppers

Specimen collection and processing
    A. Unruptured lesions.
  • 1. Draw the vesicular fluid with a syringe or soak a cotton swab with vesicular fluid from a manually freshly ruptured lesion.
  • 2. Add approx. 500ul (12drops) of dilution buffer in dropping bottle.
  • 3. Add approx. 500ul of vesicular fluid from the syringe into the buffer and mix well. Alternatively, extract fluid from the cotton buds by inserting the cotton swab into the sample test tube and swirling around in the sample buffer and processing the cotton bud against the tube wall.
  • 4. If using a swab, this is removed. Close the lid of the test tube with sample solution.
    B. Tissue sampling/preparation (ruptured lesions etc.)
  • A separate “Tissue Sample Extraction Kit” is required.
  • Approximately 0.2g of epithelium (the size of nail on the little finger) should be collected from the surface or margins of vesicles or any other tissue of interest.
  • Best results will be achieved with fresh and friable material.
  • For preparation procedure, please see the instruction manual in the MEDIAN Tissue Sample Extraction Kit.
Test procedure


Remove the test device from the foil pouch, and place it on a flat and dry surface.


Use the dropper to take prepared sample solution. Add 4 drops of sample solution into the sample hole.


Interpret test results at 15 minutes.