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Rapid kit

VDRG® FMDV 3Diff/PAN Ag Rapid kit
VDRG® FMDV 3Diff/PAN Ag Rapid kit is a lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay for the detection of Foot-andmouth disease virus (FMDV) antigen in vesicular fluid or other feasible specimens.
This rapid (15 minutes) kit specifically detect FMDV O, A, Aisa1, and all serotype antigen in specimen diluted in sample dilution buffer using a type-specific capture antibody immobilized in membrane of test device and a type-specific detection antibody-gold conjugate.
If FMDV antigens present in the samples, these antigens will bind to FMDV serotype specific antibody-gold particle conjugates. The antigen bound to antibody-gold particle conjugate will flow through the membrane by capillary action and will be captured by immobilized FMDV serotype specific antibodies which is pre-coated in the test line area. The accumulation of gold particle will generate a red color in the test line.
• Suitable for preliminary or emergency screening of FMD outbreak
• FMD virus detection within 10 minutes for fast decision
• Serotype specific detection
- Specific serotypes : O, A, Aisa1
- All serotypes : O, A, C, Asia1, SAT1, SAT2, and SAT3
• Specimen
- Fluid from intact vesicle
- Fresh and friable epithelium from ruptured lesions
• Lateral flow device for field testing
Advantage • Fast (<15) and low cost • Simple test procedure • Long shelf life
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Cat No. Product Name Quantity Manual
PM-FMD-16 VDRG® FMDV 3Diff/PAN Ag Rapid kit 10 Tests EN