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VDx® Abortion Gene Diagnosis Abortion

Swine viral abortion is caused by several viral causer species and occurs by a single or multiple infections. The antigen test to detect the abortion causer has limitation to use because antigen and antibody coexist. Therefore, a DNA test is the most accurate and appropriate test method.
VDx® Abortion genetic diagnostic reagent is a reagent that can test abortion causer with Multiplex and precisely examine the genes of PPV, ADV, EMCV and JEV. It is easy to use by adding extracted gene into Multiplex 1-step PCR and RT-PCR reagents and also useful to detect more-than-2 kinds of genes at the same time. The reliability of test can be obtained by providing control DNA to be used for validation.

Product Information
Cat. No Product Name Quantity Manual
NS-ABO-11 VDx® Abortion MP PCR (PPV/ ADV) 50 Tests EN
NS-ABO-12 VDx® Abortion MP RT-PCR II (EMCV/JEV) 50 Tests EN