Median Diagnostics


Continue to develop and industrialize of immune diagnostic reagents based on genetic recombination technology and monoclonal antibody technology, all of which are exclusive domestic technologies.
We will provide the world’s highest level of diagnostic system to the customer.


Ordering Information

Cat No. Product Name Clone Immunogen Isotype
9012 Anti-CSFV 339.1 rErns IgG2a
9016 Anti-CSFV LOM10 CSFV LOM IgG1
9017 Anti-CSFV LOM13 CSFV LOM IgG1
9022 Anti-BDV 84.6 BDV IgG1
9023 Anti-BVDV 12D6 BVDV IgG1
9024 Anti-BVDV 2E10 BVDV IgG1
9025 Anti-BVDV 5C12 BVDV IgG1
9033 Anti-ADV 12G96 ADV IgG2a
9034 Anti-ADV 12H47 ADV IgG2a
9035 Anti-ADV 12G93 ADV IgG2a
9036 Anti-ADV 87.30 ADV IgG1
9041 Anti-PRRSV 4A5 rNC (VR2332) IgG2a
9042 Anti-PRRSV 6F34 rNC (Lelystad) IgG2a
9043 Anti-PRRSV 5C61 rNC (VR2332) IgG2b
9044 Anti-PRRSV 5F74 rNC (VR2332) IgG1
9051 Anti-PCV2 12C48 rNC IgG2a
9052 Anti-PCV2 12A92 rNC IgG2b
9053 Anti-PCV2 5B66 rNC IgG2b
9054 Anti-PCV2 6E13 rNC IgG2b
9055 Anti-PCV2 11B39 rNC IgG1
9061 Anti-Rabies 2C6 Rabies ERA IgG2a
9062 Anti-Rabies 4G31 rG IgG2a
9063 Anti-Rabies 8D48 rG IgG2a
9064 Anti-Rabies 9D7 rG IgG2a
9081 Anti-JEV 30.16 JEV IgG1
9082 Anti-JEV 77.22 JEV IgG2a
9083 Anti-JEV 10H45 Vaccine IgG1
9084 Anti-JEV 4B42 Vaccine IgG2a
9085 Anti-JEV 6H32 Vaccine IgG2a
9091 Anti-CPV 1B4 CPV IgG2b
9092 Anti-CPV 9E11 Vaccine IgG1
9093 Anti-CPV 3B19 Vaccine IgG2a
9094 Anti-CPV 3B5 Vaccine IgG2a
9095 Anti-CPV 9D8 Vaccine IgG2a
9101 Anti-CPIV 7F17 CPIV IgG2a
9102 Anti-CPIV 10B6 CPIV IgG3
9103 Anti-CPIV 8D26 CPIV IgG3
9111 Anti-ICHV A10D14 ICHV IgG2a
9141 Anti-MH 8B13 MH IgG1
9151 Anti-Influenza A 3B19 AIV H9N2 IgG1
9152 Anti-Influenza A 10E21 AIV H9N2 IgG1
9153 Anti-Influenza A 11F41 Newflu virus IgG1
9154 Anti-Influenza A 4B69 Newflu virus IgG1
9155 Anti-Influenza A 5E72 rNP IgG1
9161 Anti-CCV A72.3 CCV IgG2a
9162 Anti-CCV M32345 CCV IgG1
9163 Anti-CCV 10B79 CCV IgG2a
9164 Anti-CCV 12G17 CCV IgG2a
9165 Anti-CDV 9A5 rHA IgG2b
9172 Anti-FMDV 7F9 VP1 Peptide IgG2a
9174 Anti-FMDV 7F16 r3AB IgG1
9175 Anti-FMDV 9D11 r3AB IgG1
9176 Anti-FMDV 17.9 FMDV Vaccine IgG1
9181 Anti-TGEV 211.56 TGEV IgG2a
9191 Anti-PEDV 3F12 PEDV IgG2b
9201 Anti-RotaV VP6 Rota virus IgG2a
9901 Rabbit Anti-CSFV CSFV rE2
9903 Rabbit Anti-PRRSV PRRSV rNC
9904 Rabbit Anti-PCV2 PCV2 rNC

Ordering Information(Antibody)

Cat No. Product Name Clone Host Format
11121 Anti-HBsAg 3B9 mouse purified
11122 Anti-HBsAg 6F52 mouse purified
11801 Anti-HBsAg M2HB1 mouse purified
11802 Anti-HBsAg Polyclonal P2HB5 horse purified
12001 Anti-Malaria pLDH 3B28 mouse purified
12002 Anti-Malaria P.falciparum LDH 1A14 mouse purified
12003 Anti-Malaria P.falciparum/P. vivax LDH 12D85 mouse purified
17401 Anti-Hemoglobin A0 M230492 mouse purified
17500 Anti-Hemoglobin A1c 3C9E2 mouse purified
17501 Anti-Hemoglobin A1c 5B11 mouse purified

Ordering Information(Antigen)

CODE Product Name Source Type Purity
21150 recombinant HBs Ag Pichia pastoris Recombinant High Pure
21301 Human Immunodeficiency Virus gp41 E. Coli. Recombinant High Pure
21302 Human Immunodeficiency Virus gp36 E. Coli. Recombinant High Pure
21303 Human Immunodeficiency Virus P-24 E. Coli. Recombinant High Pure
21304 Human Immunodeficiency Virus gp36-29 E. Coli. Recombinant High Pure
21305 Human Immunodeficiency Virus 11TD E. Coli. Recombinant High Pure
21701 Syphilis Tp r15kDa Antigen E. Coli. Recombinant High Pure
21702 Syphilis Tp r17kDa Antigen E. Coli. Recombinant High Pure
21703 Syphilis Tp r47kDa Antigen E. Coli. Recombinant High Pure
22301 Malaria Plasmodium falciparum MSP 1-1 E. Coli. Recombinant High Pure
22302 Malaria Plasmodium falciparum MSP 1-2 E. Coli. Recombinant High Pure
22303 Malaria Plasmodium vivax MSP 1-1 E. Coli. Recombinant High Pure
22304 Malaria Plasmodium vivax MSP 1-2 E. Coli. Recombinant High Pure