Median Diagnostics


Continue to develop and industrialize of immune diagnostic reagents based on genetic recombination technology and monoclonal antibody technology, all of which are exclusive domestic technologies.
We will provide the world’s highest level of diagnostic system to the customer.


Median Diagnostics Co., Ltd. is always welcoming creative and enthusiastic members to join.

  • Recruitment Support Center, Job Portal Website
  • Recommendation by staffs, and "Searchfirm"
  • Recruiting at all times (Please submit resume to HR staff)
  • First Round HR department, Second Round Recruitment Department
  • Review of experience, qualification, etc.
  • Interviewer: Recruitment manager, staff in charge
  • Main Areas: Job suitability, other capabilities, etc.
  • Personality test: HR dept will conduct the test for those who passed the first interview
  • Interviewer: President, CFO, Department Manager if needed
  • Main Areas: Personality, Capability, Growth Potential, etc.
  • Calculation of career (Median Diagnostics criteria applied for career evaluation)
  • Annual salary calculation
  • Reference check if necessary

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Mr. Lee, Sang Chun,
HR Department Head