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Aujeszky's disease virus (ADV)
Swine Aujeszky's Disease is known as "Pseudorabies" and caused by Aujeszky's Disease Virus (ADV). It belongs to the alphaherpesvirus and mainly infects the central nervous system and respiratory systems of animals. It's major target is swine and the recovered swine from ADV infection become carriers. Since vaccine is made of gE deleted virus, the presence of gI (gE) antibody detected by antibody test indicates that gE antibody is from an infection but not from vaccination. The antibody and antigen tests should be conducted together for the diagnosis of ADV and periodical serological surveillance is also crucial in the vaccination area.

  • Blocking ELISA using ADV vaccine virus and a monoclonal antibody.
    It is used for qualitative measurements of neutralizing antibodies against ADV.
  • It shows a high concordance rate with virus neutralizing antibody titers and test using this kit enables to differentiate the antibodies resulted from vaccination or infection.
  • The differentiation of infection caused antibody from vaccination induced antibody can be conducted in conjunction with gI (gE) antibody test.
  • It is designed to detect the presence of an anti-ADV gI (gE) antibody in swine serum.
  • It provides a rapid, simple and specific method for differentiating the antibodies against ADV infection and gI (gE) deleted vaccination.
  • It shows excellent correlation with Virus Neutralization (VN) tests.
    The sensitivity using international standard sera meets to OIE standard.
  • Color coded buffer system
  • Ready-to-use reagent, easy test
  • Safe to use by using recombinant protein
  • High reproducibility and accuracy
  • Stable for more than 12 months in cold storage
  • Cost savings by using strip plate
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Cat No. Product Name Quantity Manual
ES-ADV-01 VDPro® ADV AB Screen ELISA 192 Tests, 480 Tests EN
ES-ADV-02 VDPro® ADV gl AB ELISA 192 Tests, 480 Tests EN