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Bovine Brucellosis Infection causes abortion due to Placentitis and Endometritis, etc. It also causes infertility in bulls due to Orchitis and sperm deformity, etc. without any special external symptoms. The infected cattle carry Brucella for long periods of time without any special symptoms and continuously release Brucella to infect non-infected animals.
Bovine Brucellosis is caused by Brucella Abortus. Currently, there is no safe vaccine or effective treatment for Bovine Brucellosis Infection so it is important to diagnose quickly and accurately through antibody tests.

VDPro® Brucella AB ELISA
  • Indirect ELISA using Brucella antigen which is used for qualitative measurement of an antibody specific to Brucella in bovine serum.
  • High correlation with Rose Bengal test results and represents a relatively high degree of sensitivity and specificity compared to other brands.
  • Color coded buffer system
  • Ready-to-use reagent, easy test
  • High reproducibility and accuracy
  • Stable for at least 12 months in the cold storag
  • Cost savings by using strip plate
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Cat No. Product Name Quantity Manual
EB-BRU-01 VDPro® Brucella AB ELISA 192 Tests, 480 Tests EN
EB-BRU-02 VDPro® Brucella Ab b-ELISA 192 Tests, 480 Tests EN
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Development and Evaluation of a Rapid Dipstick Assay for Serodiagnosis of Bovine Brucellosis_2016 EN