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Japanese Encephalitis(JE)
Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) is a Culex mosquito-borne, zoonotic flavivirus causing encephalitis in humans and reproductive disorders such as abortion and stillbirth in swine. The virus in endemic areas is persisting in nature through a cycle of transmission involving mosquitoes, domestic and wild birds, domestic pigs, and humans. Swine is the main natural a mplifier and reservoir of JEV. World Health Organization recommends having a strong prevention and control program in all regions where the disease is a public health concern, utilizing efficient surveillance tools and reporting mechanisms (WHO Fact Sheet No 386, 2015).
This test kit as a surveillance tool was designed to detect JEV-specific antibodies in swine serum as an evidence of infection or vaccination.

VDPro® Japanese Encephalitis AB ELISA
  • It is used to detect JEV-specific antibodies in swine serum as an evidence of infection or vaccination.
  • In the HI assay and PRNT assay the standard OIE antibody testing methods, the limit of detection was confirmed to be 10 times.
  • Reliable test with high sensitivity, specificity, and low CV%
  • Color coded buffer system
  • Ready-to-use reagent, easy test
  • Cost savings by using strip plate
  • High reproducibility and high accuracy in a short reaction time
  • Stable for more than 12 months in cold storage
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ES-JEV-01 VDPro® Japanese Encephalitis AB ELISA 192 Tests, 480 Tests EN
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Improvement of indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of Japanese encephalitis virus antibodies in swine sera EN