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VDx® AIV Gene Diagnosis

Avian Influenza virus (AI) is a disease caused by poultry, and it has various mortality rates depending on the pathogenicity. In the case of HPAI, massive death occurs. Respiratory symptoms and neurological symptoms, egg laying rate in the laying hens, and symptoms of poor quality of the eggs, resulting in enormous economic damage. The VDx® AIV qRT-PCR product line is a reagent for highly sensitive detection of AIV in infected samples. This reagent is composed of 1-step premix, which can be directly added to the premix to prevent cross-contamination in the laboratory, and it is possible to check the reaction in real time. For reactions, simply add template (DNA). The test reliability can be secured by Control DNA for Validation. In addition, depending on the purpose, HA type confirmation test is possible using H5, H7, H9 qRT-PCR.

Technical Data
Product Information
Cat No. Product Name Quantity Manual
NP-AIV-38 VDx® AIV M qRT-PCR Ver 2.1 96Tests EN
NP-AIV-39 VDx® AIV H5 qRT-PCR Ver 2.1 96Tests EN
NP-AIV-3A VDx® AIV H7 qRT-PCR Ver 2.1 96Tests EN
NP-AIV-34 VDx® AIV H9 qRT-PCR 96Tests EN