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VDx® Real-Time PCR kit

Infectious pathogens, such as viruses and germs, are a serious loss to the livestock industry and related industries, so rapid identification and monitoring of pathogens is crucial. The VDx® Real-Time PCR Kit is a reagent for high-sensitivity testing of the genes of infectious pathogens in livestock using Taqman probe technology. This reagent is composed of 1-step premix, which can be directly added to the premix to prevent cross-contamination in the laboratory, and it is possible to check the reaction in real time. In addition, multiplex PCR can be used to amplify multiple genes at the same time, saving time and money. In addition, since Taqman probe is used, the specificity is high and the reliability of the test can be secured.

Product Information
Cat No. Product Name Quantity Manual
NS-CSF-31 VDx® CSFV qRT-PCR 96Tests EN
NS-PCV-31 VDx® PCV2 qRT-PCR 96Tests EN
NS-PRR-31 VDx® PRRSV qRT-PCR(NA/EU dual) 96Tests EN
NS-BVD-31 VDx® BVDV qRT-PCR(T1/T2 dual) 96Tests EN
NB-BCV-31 VDx® BCV qRT-PCR 96Tests
NM-ROT-31 VDx® Rota A qRT-PCR 96Tests EN
NS-PED-31 VDx® PEDV qRT-PCR(G1/G2 dual) 96Tests EN
NB-BLV-31 VDx® BLV qPCR 96Tests EN
NB-MTB-31 VDx® M.bovis qPCR(MTB) 96Tests
NH-CEM-31 VDx® CEM qPCR 96Tests