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Rapid kit

VDRF® ASFV Ag Rapid kit


Detection of African Swine Fever virus antigen


Swine whole blood(domestic pigs, wild boar)


ASFV Ag Rapid device
Sample dilution buffer
VDRF® Reader


“VDRF® ASFV Ag Rapid kit” is a lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay for detection of African swine fever virus (ASFV) antigen in blood of porcine. This is diagnostic kit to detect ASFV antigen using porcine whole blood. You can drop the specimen onto the sample hole and add dilution buffer. If there are ASFV antigens in the porcine whole blood, these antigens bind to ASFV antibody-fluorescent particle conjugates and move on the membrane by capillary forces. And then the reaction appears on the test line when the result is read using a fluorescent reader. This test kit is the diagnostic reagent that can detect ASFV antigens quickly and simply at 15 minutes after infection of samples.
VDRF® Reader is a highly sensitive fluorescence analyzer that connects via Bluetooth to your smart phone app. After entering the sample name on the smart phone, tap or click the detect button to send a command to measure the immune complex by the antigen and antibody reaction using a light source device. The measured fluorescence signal is converted into an electric signal and sent to the smart phone and output as a reading value.


At first, Cloud Application (App) should be installed in the Smart phone according to instruction manual of VDRF® Reader because the reader is operated by Cloud App. The result of VDRF® test can be checked only by the reader.
Fresh blood sample (collected within 3 days) should be used for the test. If the sample aged, the blood sample become sticky and may lead to non-specific reaction).

Test procedure


Collect whole blood sample to the scale by using dropper(40ul).


Drop the blood(40ul) onto the sample hole of the device first.


After 1-3 minutes, add 2 drops(60ul) of dilution buffer.


Read test results after 15 minutes.

Result Reading(15min after sample dropping)


Turn on Bluetooth and start the cloud detection app.


Turn on the Reader(VDRF® Reader).


Open the cover, insert the device until it clicks and close the cover.


Recognize the kit #lot, fill in the sample name and tap detect to read the result.

How to use VDRF® ASFV Ag Rapid kit

VDRF® Reader Tutorial

Order Information
Cat No. Product Name Quantity Manual Catalog Brochure
PS-ASF-11 VDRF® ASFV Ag Rapid kit 30 Tests EN EN EN
PS-ASF-15 VDRF® Reader 1 Reader EN EN EN