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Poultry Diagnostics

Poultry diseases
There are several viral and bacterial diseases affecting birds and most of them belong to the legal infectious notifiable communicable diseases as well as diseases onthe OIE list. These diseases give serious damage to the productivity of the poultry industry.
When testing poultry diseases, poultry serum tests and causer tests are necessary in addition to periodic surveillance and data accumulation management. For the health management and production quality of poultry in farms, vaccinations for six or more diseases as well as serum profile management through periodic serologic tests are needed.
VDPro® Poultry ELISA System have excellent performance results in the comprehensive poultry serum profile management. It also offers excellent reliability and data compatibility with world-famous testing products.

VDPro® Poultry ELISA System
  • Quantitative tests by single dilution(1/500) and six different disease antibody tests are possible with a single sample in one process.
  • High concordance rate with global standard assay(HI, AGID).
  • Poultry antibody profile analysis and fast tests are possible.
  • Suitable for automated testing equipment and compatible for use by all reagents.
  • Color coded buffer system
  • Ready-to-use reagent, easy test
  • Rapid test with short reaction time
  • High reproducibility and accuracy
  • Stability for at least 12 months in cold storage
  • Cost savings by using strip plate
Order Information
Cat No. Product Name Quantity
EP-NDV-01 VDPro® NDV AB ELISA 480 Tests
EP-IBD-01 VDPro® IBDV AB ELISA 480 Tests
EP-IBV-01 VDPro® IBV AB ELISA 480 Tests
EP-AIV-01 VDPro® AIV AB ELISA 480 Tests
EP-MSY-01 VDPro® MS AB ELISA 480 Tests