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VDx® ASFV Gene Diagnosis

African swine fever(ASF) is a viral infectious disease of pig caused by infection by ASFV.
ASFV is a highly contagious acute viral infectious disease with high mortality rates.
VDx® ASFV qPCR kit is a real-time PCR kit that amplifies a target sequence in African Swine Fever viral p72 genome.
VDx® qPCR Kit is ready-to-use PCR mixture containing concentration of components required for qPCR in one tube. For reactions, simply add template (DNA). The test reliability can be secured by Control DNA for Validation.

Product Information
Cat No. Product Name Quantity Manual
NS-ASF-31 VDx® ASFV qPCR 96Tests EN
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Evaluation of VDx®ASFV qPCR in Poland EN
The Opinion of Polish NVRI - VDx® ASFV qPCR Kit EN
Outbreak of African Swine Fever_Vietnam_2019_EID EN